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Unified Aircraft Communications
Unified Aircraft Communications
Unified Aircraft Communications

Unified Aircraft Communications

Our globally-managed, fault-resilient connectivity service portfolio supports multiple technology and connectivity options, giving you the flexibility to choose the best-fit solution.

Universal connectivity and communications

The world’s state-of-the-art aircraft and ATC communications ecosystem. Reliability, flexibility and innovation, simply delivered. Unlock possibilities today.

Airline and air traffic management executives are facing multiple and complex demands coming from many different directions.

That’s everything from bringing real-time aircraft tracking capabilities onboard to enhance airline applications, and automating the air/ground exchange of flight voice and data communications, to harnessing new generation IP links – bolstering capacity in the datalink ecosystem, for sending critical operational messages.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s Unified Aircraft Communications (UAC) solutions provide aircraft connectivity as-a-service. Our global, end-to-end managed, fault-resilient connectivity services support multiple technology and connectivity options. They also give airlines and air traffic managers the flexibility to choose the solution that best fits their needs and those of their stakeholders.

Whether your focus is unlocking significant cost savings and efficiencies with both data and voice services, enhancing air traffic control (ATC) procedures with complete integration from ATC to cockpit, or facilitating secure, real-time aircraft data exchange, our UAC solutions offer the complete package, straight from the industry’s experts in the field.

Unified Aircraft Communications
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AIRCOM® Cockpit Services

Our integral aircraft services help the industry fly, enabling seamless communications service delivery for all aircraft, across all networks, between aircraft, ground systems, ATC and other operators. Fully Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) compliant.

AIRCOM Cockpit Services

AIRCOM® Cockpit Services

Our industry-leading, globally managed aircraft communications service, ensuring seamless, fault-resilient communications service delivery for all aircraft, across all networks.

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Our ATC products support air navigation service providers and the wider air transport community to facilitate the digital shift towards our industry’s shared goal of improved airspace safety and efficiency.


ATC Network

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT provides the complete air/ground VHF infrastructure for aircraft communications, ready to be owned and operated by ANSPs.

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ATC Services

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s managed services allow ANSPs to communicate between their Air Traffic Management systems and participating aircraft using digital services.

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ATC Systems

Our ATC systems for airport control towers and area control centers enable ANSPs to exchange and manage ATC datalink messages with aircraft pilots.

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Aircraft Enablement Services

Our suite of connected aircraft products that maximizes communications and connectivity links to enhance flight operations, digitize processes and enable innovative ACARS over IP services.



An air-to-ground system that automatically and securely collects and transfers aircraft data, supporting improved safety, flight operations and maintenance reporting.

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A software solution enhancing and enriching your airline applications with secure, cost-effective connectivity and real time data throughout flight

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Our industry-first ACARS over IP solution, AoIPConnect®, enables operators to easily transfer air/ground ACARS messages over IP links as needed.

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Our aircraft Internet of Things service area uses our open approach to technology innovation and integration to turn the IoT concept into industry reality.

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Services and Equipment Provisioning

We deliver turnkey aircraft enablement solutions encompassing cockpit and cabin equipment, aircraft interface devices, connectivity and access points, installation and STC paperwork.

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