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Digital Day of Operations
Digital Day of Operations

Digital Day of Operations

Our airline applications suite, digitally transforming flight operations at take-off, inflight and landing – every day, and in every possible way.

Digitally transforming aviation

The aviation industry faces complex challenges in its day-to-day operations. These range from new passenger experience demands and inflight safety requirements, to more frequent adverse weather events which make disruptions more likely.

New industry standards, such as for flight tracking, are also compelling airlines to refine their operations. The rise of the connected aircraft, meanwhile, has reset expectations for onboard connectivity and real-time data flow.

Our mission is to power the airline digital transformation needed to bring about optimized, new generation flight operations.

From operations staff to pilots and cabin crew, our seamless Digital Day of Operations suite of airline applications is built to better assist, accurately track and effectively communicate with people, places and processes – at take-off, inflight and landing.

With our capabilities, flight operation efficiencies are enhanced, on-time performance improved, and greater cost savings achieved.

The era of digital transformation has arrived, and the time for optimization is now. Transform your optimization plans into reality. Unlock possibilities today.

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We help you achieve it

Track and optimize inflight routing and turn around

Our leading applications for flight dispatchers and the cockpit enable enhanced air/ground working, so airlines can optimize parameters, use real-time information to inform decisions, and keep to time throughout flight.

AIRCOM® FlightTracker

AIRCOM® FlightTracker

A ground-based, easy-to-implement software system that enables regular flight position updates and requires no modification to aircraft.

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AIRCOM® FlightPlanner

An application providing airlines with the tools to optimize operational parameters to reduce fuel, time and navigation costs.

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Empower crew engagement

Our wide-ranging tablet interface for cabin crews gives flight attendants the digital tools they need to enhance their onboard activities to provide intuitive customer service through every stage of flight.



A tablet interface to enhance cabin crew activities by digitizing processes, and providing access to customer information for personalized service.

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Assisted pilot operations

Our market-leading applications provide comprehensive, user-friendly support for cockpit crews in the flight function. They deliver in-built automation capabilities, and best-in-class data for enhancing situational awareness, such as around significant weather.

eWAS Pilot

eWAS Pilot – The EFB Weather Awareness Solution

A rich, intuitive solution delivering real-time, graphically optimized views of weather phenomena, so crews can stay a step ahead, avoid the avoidable and unlock possibilities today.

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Effective communication and collaboration

Ease and enable greater communication and collaboration between cockpit and dispatch teams with our high-functioning, integrated IT solutions. Find out how we create seamless data flows, improving efficiency and effectiveness.


AIRCOM® FlightMessenger

Our application integrates and translates data into a format that seamlessly feeds into your IT infrastructure, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

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