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Aircraft Data Management
Aircraft Data Management
Aircraft Data Management

Aircraft Data Management

We help airlines and digital service partners overcome the challenges to reap the rewards of sharing big aircraft data.

The power of aircraft data

Where neutrality empowers effective collaboration. Unlock possibilities today.

Big data is increasingly vital for informing decision making in the aviation industry, driving more accurate analysis, greater operational efficiencies, reduced costs and minimizing risk.

The rise of more digitally-capable aircraft – such as the A350, B787 and A320neo – is accelerating the digitization of airlines and their digital service partners. If digital transformation’s true potential is to be achieved, it is essential that both airlines and digital service partners receive timely, actionable insights from aircraft and part performance data.

Currently, however, airlines and digital service partners are being held back by reservations and complexities around sharing and managing this data.

On the one hand, airlines are reluctant to permit external party access to their sensitive data. They also see achieving timely and tailored secure data transfer and distribution to relevant parties as a complex, potentially costly, undertaking.

On the other, digital service partners – OEMs, business jet operations, MROs and service companies – are struggling to get the deep, timely insights they need to evolve their service and internal operations.

Our Aircraft Data Management portfolio offers a unique industry-neutral solution to both sets of challenges.

Whether airline or digital service partner, our neutral, secure and cost-effective data brokering platform helps you overcome complexities and achieve complete and timely data collection across fleet, airframe and data types. Keeping airlines in the data driving seat, digital service partners can connect with airline customers worldwide, strengthen their relationships and ultimately unlock digital transformation.

This is data transfer, reinvented and reimagined

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