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I am - Passengers...
I am - Passengers...
I am - Passengers...


We deploy overlying high-speed inflight connectivity solutions and services that give passengers the internet access they crave throughout their flight.

The Passengers Context

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT is the air transport industry’s expert in providing the overlying inflight connectivity (IFC) experience for all passengers. With our cutting-edge mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity solutions and services, it’s never been easier or simpler to get connected when you fly.

You can stay in contact with life and work in the skies just as you would on the ground. Enjoy all your favorite connected content. Speak to and share your inflight experience with relatives, access your favorite social media or chat applications, surf the web and continue with business. And if you realize mid-flight that you’ve not yet booked a taxi or a hotel for when you arrive? You can make your arrangements on the fly from your cabin seat, just as you would on the ground.

What’s more, with our proven Wi-Fi services and roaming agreements, inflight connectivity is no longer just a service for premium or business class. With us, it’s possible for every passenger to afford to use the internet in the air, connecting via Wi-Fi or mobile to the ONAIR network, with different price plans tailored to your needs, depending on which airline you’re travelling with.

More and more passengers have already tested the IFC connection while flying, with 70% of passengers ready to recommend inflight Wi-Fi after trying it for themselves.

I am - Passengers...

How it works

We’re proven IFC innovators

Using geostationary satellites at 36,000km, we deliver Wi-Fi that works just like a public hotspot, with free, time-limited, data-capped or paid sessions set by your airline for the whole flight. You can connect to our 4G-ready inflight mobile network and roam like you’re abroad, with charges set by your local network mobile operator.

Customer Service

Need some help?

We offer 24/7 passenger care – simply email To report an issue, please refer to the email you received after purchase. For inflight mobile charging enquiries, please speak to your local mobile network operator for more details. Inflight mobile costs are set in line with your mobile network operator or existing contract.