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I am - Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)...
I am - Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)...
I am - Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)...

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

We work with OEMs to help them access the structured actionable insights they need to improve part performance.

The OEMs Context

OEMs produce the many pieces of the jigsaw that go into making the complete connected aircraft.

From engines to cockpit dashboards, landing gears, breaks and avionics, OEMs create a wealth of different components, all of which require regular monitoring and upkeep to ensure and maintain health.

In our age of digital transformation and connectivity, there is more scope than ever for OEMs to gain timely, ‘live’ performance data from the parts in question.

Being able to access those actionable insights holds mutual benefits for aircraft operators, airlines and OEMs alike. By gaining that clear, ‘live’ picture of how a particular aircraft component is performing, OEMs are better placed to work both more pre-emptively and responsively.

This helps to ensure aircraft are only grounded, and the right parts ready to go, as needed, supporting aircraft operator/airline on-time performance and reducing unnecessary aircraft groundings (AOGs).

Yet OEMs continue to face challenges in improving and enhancing how they and their products operate. This includes aircraft operator/airline reluctance to grant access to sensitive aircraft and operational performance data, which constrains the ability to gain truly actionable insights.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s industry-neutral data-brokering solutions give OEMs greater visibility over parts performance and condition. These can help by:

  • Giving OEMs actionable data insights that feed into advancing your products and services, such as predictive maintenance, supporting seamless maintenance processes
  • Providing the data footprint and volume-critical mass to develop digital services, wherever in the world you and your aircraft operator or airline customers are
  • Enhancing relationships with aircraft operator/airline customers by helping to optimize maintenance and aircraft and part performance, reduce the risk of AOGs, prevent disruptions and keep aircraft airworthy
  • Granting OEMs enhanced insight to, in-turn, raise standards in-house, whether that’s to improve and develop products, identify opportunities for research and development or greater efficiencies, or improve financial forecasting
  • Delivering rich, contextualized data sets that support their digital use cases.

I am - Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)...