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AFRAA-SITA ICT virtual Workshops
AFRAA-SITA ICT virtual Workshops

AFRAA-SITA ICT virtual Workshops

AFRAA, in partnership with SITA will hold a series of two virtual ICT workshops on 8th July and 15th July 2020.

Technology has an important role in supporting the air transport industry in evolving towards the new normal.

Join us to get insights from SITA on scenarios on how to ensure a smooth, efficient and safe passenger journey and re-establish passenger confidence as well as digitalize and automate operations to reach cost savings, to improve operational efficiency and to contribute to more sustainable future of aviation.

Workshop 1: Smart Technology for Airlines’ Return to the Skies and Restore Passenger Confidence Post COVID-19
Date: 08 July 2020

The flow at the airport through a touchless environment will serve the objective of social distancing between passengers and limit interaction between passengers and air transport personnel. In that sense, the deployment of bio-security measures will also facilitate a seamless transfer of passenger health information throughout the passenger journey, and enable the restoration of passenger confidence in the aviation system.

Workshop 2: Powering post-COVID-19 recovery with the connected aircraft environment
Date: 15 July 2020

Digitalization is all about working smarter, not harder, across cost, time and effort, and right now, this is what airlines need as a matter of urgency. This calls for trusted expertise, technologies and innovation to enable crews to digitalize and automate operations wherever possible; drive time and cost efficiencies airline-wide; ensure passengers feel safe and satisfied when they fly; and advance sustainable practices.

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