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I am - Airframers...
I am - Airframers...
I am - Airframers...


We work alongside airframers delivering new generation global aircraft connectivity, data exchange, insights, and passenger connectivity across diverse aircraft models.

The Airframer Context

Airframers are at the forefront of how the aviation industry takes flight, shaping the aircraft of today and tomorrow, and innovating to smooth the journey. And, as ever, they are being relied on to lead the way in addressing the multiple challenges and opportunities available within the air transport sector.

These include everything from pioneering lighter frames to reduce weight and in turn, lower carbon emissions; to driving greater time and cost efficiencies in flight operations; and ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers.

Airframers are also expected to harness and support new and emerging technologies and capabilities, such as the Internet of Things, and are introducing new, high-throughput data-messaging media formats in response to our digital age.

Together, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and airframers are united in their focus on advancing more effective and efficient flight operations for our common customers: aircraft operators and airlines.

Deploying world-leading IFC

We have long worked with airframers to establish cutting-edge inflight connectivity solutions and services, both line-fit and retrofit, to serve a wide range of carrier types. We own multiple supplemental type certificates (STCs) to bring our market-leading Cabin Connectivity Services on-board major commercial aircraft models. This enables passengers around the world to experience our cutting-edge, high-speed Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity over GX Aviation, at 35,000 feet.

Unified Aircraft Communications (UAC)

Our global aircraft communications and connectivity solutions and services have been fundamental to the function of the air transport industry since the 1980s. As the owner-operator of one of the world’s largest secure private aircraft communications networks, we are industry leaders in ensuring aircraft are ACARS datalink activated for entry-into-service. Today we draw on this expertise to ensure airframers and airline customers can leverage new-generation aircraft communications IP networks, thanks to our integrated approach that feeds into existing and conventional IT infrastructure.

Data-brokering and transformation

Not only are we experienced in working hand-in-hand with airframers to ease the entry-into-service of new aircraft for aircraft operators and airlines. We also provide neutral data brokering and transformation services to share deep, timely and actionable insights for robust aircraft performance that support and strengthen the airframer-aircraft operator/airline relationship.

Our portfolio of solutions and services helps airframers to:

  • Deploy cutting-edge Cabin Connectivity Services onboard, whether line-fit or retrofit
  • Activate global aircraft communications connectivity services, supporting a wide range of aircraft models, network links and fleet types
  • Gain actionable insights that help you enhance your products and services, wherever you are and with minimal effort
  • Achieve seamless aircraft maintenance processes and improve proactive data insights, to maximize fleet utilization and condition, reduce aircraft groundings (AOGs) and, in turn, raise operational efficiencies and airline satisfaction
  • Strengthen communications with aircraft operator and airline customers by providing a free-to-access service
  • Better support technicians with the data they need to do their jobs as effectively as possible
  • Raise in-house visibility on aircraft operator/airline fleet activity and performance, to enable you to enhance and evolve existing and new products and business models, and identify opportunities for innovation and efficiencies
  • Gain rich, contextualized data sets that support their digital use cases.

I am - Airframers...