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We work with airlines deploying mature, integrated digital transformation applications, solutions and services that realize the connected aircraft’s full potential.

The Airline Context

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on our air transport industry. As we adapt to the ‘new normal’, the focus on operational cost efficiencies, supporting passenger safety and satisfaction, and building in sustainability, will be greater than ever before.

This is against a backdrop where people have never been more digitally connected – expecting frictionless, always-on-connectivity, wherever and however they travel. In fact, even selecting who they fly with based on the inflight connectivity offer.

Meanwhile, the rise of the new generation aircraft – each one a ‘flying data center’ – has seen a surge in the volume of data generated each flight. This requires secure, effective management and expertise to manage and extract actionable insights and value.

And, as well as upholding the latest safety standards – such as ICAO’s GADSS 15-minute aircraft position reporting requirements – airlines and operators remain under pressure to make their operations more sustainable.

Even before COVID-19, airlines all over the world had begun a business and digital shift, with connectivity the catalyst. Supporting them in adjusting to this new normal requires the right mix of technology, trust and collaboration between industry players and rethinking the processes that underpin travel.

Tactical and future proof digital enhancements offer key benefits and provide return on investment. Diverse technologies need to be integrated to help them interoperate and maximize their value. To make the most of new generation aircraft technology and data sources, aircraft of all ages and data capabilities need to be connected.

Through our portfolio of applications solutions and services – and 100% dedication and commitment to the air transport industry – we can help you:

  • Optimize and enhance your flight operations
  • Identify and action cost efficiencies
  • Achieve seamless aircraft maintenance
  • Develop brand-differentiating cabin connectivity
  • Map your digitization journey with our expert IT consultancy
  • Empower your crews in the air and on the ground
  • Future proof your investments and operations.
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I am - Airlines...

Flight Operations

Meet your flight operations challenges

Modern flight operations are a complex discipline. We understand the challenges and how digital transformation, delivered by our market-leading applications, solutions and services, can address them. Whether your focus is delivering operational and cost efficiencies, improving aircraft turnaround, or empowering crews with the latest digital tools, we have the future proof solution.


Make aircraft maintenance seamless

Grounding an aircraft due to maintenance issues can cost up to US$150,000 an hour. As new aircraft generate progressively higher volumes of data, timely aircraft-ground operations information exchanges will become increasingly vital in supporting precise maintenance processes and more efficient and sustainable operations. Our neutral and seamless aircraft data management solutions support airlines and their partners to ensure optimum aircraft health


Deliver your connected cabin

Passengers seek personalized, frictionless device connectivity wherever they are. Inflight connectivity (IFC) technologies continue to rapidly evolve, from high-speed broadband connectivity to the move towards 5G inflight cellular. We know a consistent, reliable and high-performing experience are key to fostering passenger loyalty. We also know that IFC is becoming a must-have for passengers while at the same time representing another important cost for the airline to bear. With our Cabin Connectivity Services we help you deliver the best IFC experience for passengers while supporting increased revenue and cost optimization for you – whatever your connectivity links, aircraft or onboard avionics. What’s more, our IFC solutions are future proof, ever evolving in capacity and coverage.

IT Consultants

Make your digital transformation happen

We focus on the solution, not the technology, and consult and accompany our customers throughout their aircraft digitization journey. With our expertise, nose-to-tail capabilities and agile approach – demonstrated across our portfolios – we develop and champion the best digital shift for you. Our neutral, collaborative and open philosophy makes us uniquely placed to solve our customers’ challenges.


Empower your crews

In this fast-paced digital world, cockpit, cabin and ground operations crews need high-performing and connected digital tools to support their roles. Our applications, solutions and services digitize workflows, replace paper-based administration and make seamless collaboration and communication between teams possible from air-to-ground and back. Everyone involved in the successful flight operations experience can make the best decisions, together.