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I am - Air Navigation Service Provider professionals...
I am - Air Navigation Service Provider professionals...
I am - Air Navigation Service Provider professionals...

Air Navigation Service Provider professionals (ANSPs/CAAs)

We partner with professionals at ANSPs to help modernize and optimize global air traffic control, in relationships based on trust and collaboration.

The ANSPs Context

Day in, day out, ANSPs around the world are tasked with supporting the safe and efficient passage of aircraft in their respective air spaces.

And they face various regional pressures, ranging from technology limitations, to radio spectrum and bandwidth shortages. Many ANSP professionals have experienced performance issues and have encountered aborts where air traffic volumes have increased.

Yet, whatever the challenges faced, everyone working within the air traffic control arena must ensure its primary functions of communication, navigation and surveillance for aircraft operators are fulfilled.

For air traffic management to be successful into the future – whether that’s improving on-time performance or better managing delays – ANSPs and airline professionals need to work closer together.

For decades, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT has worked with ANSPs, supporting them in facilitating safer air travel.

We do this through our ever-evolving, new generation aircraft communications and air traffic control (ATC) datalink services, which represent a digital shift towards improved airspace safety and efficiency.

Our air traffic control portfolio of services and solutions support ANSP professionals and aircraft operators in the connected aircraft ecosystem by:

  • Working with ANSPs to establish new ATC networks, services, tower and en route systems
  • Upgrading ATC networks in locations around the world to increase datalink messaging capacity, supporting more effective and efficient air traffic management
  • Working with stakeholders and communications partners to explore and advance new, complementary channels and communications to develop a robust multilink ecosystem
  • Consulting ANSP professionals and other ATM specialists to advise on the best-fit ATC solution for a particular location.

I am - Air Navigation Service Provider professionals...